About Me

I am in the throes of wrapping up my memoir, "How I Got Married After 50 for the First Time."

Additionally, my essays, news, and opinion pieces have appeared in publications including The Washington Post Inspired LifeThe LA Times Lifestyle, AARP's The Girlfriend, The Washington Post Opinion, The LA Times RelationshipsPS I Love YouLA WeeklyIn Fitness and in Health, and Los Angeles Magazine.

My journalism career started on September 17, 2001, when the Burbank Leader (an LA Times Community Newspaper) hired me to cover airport and city news. I told stories of people grappling with the post 9/11 transformation of air travel. I also created a weekly page covering behind-the-scenes stories of the workers who keep the film industry running – wig designers, location scouts, closed caption editors. The appreciation for public service workers that I developed at this job came in handy when I met my future husband, Tom Drischler, a career transportation manager for the City of Los Angeles.

Other past gigs include communication professor, farmers market coordinator, census taker, dance company manager, and antique dealer. I starred in the production of my solo play, "Finding the Perfect Place to Live in 111 Gyrations" at Plan B Performing Arts, Santa Fe, N.M.

I earned a BA in Cultural Studies (writing, dance, film) from SUNY Purchase College, and an MA from George Mason University in Writing/Theater/Communication. After 25 years of practicing yoga, I completed certification to teach in 2020. 

Finally, I am an unapologetic feline aficionado, and at age 53, I added "wife" and "stepmom" to my credentials. 

a reading at the Bethesda Writer's Center
photo by Eric Hamburg
prepping to teach class from home
With Sena, 1969
media shot by Tom Meringolo for one woman show
California, December 2019
Mathew Bourne, Kennedy Center