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The Washington Post

I won clown contests as a kid. It didn’t win me friends, but it showed me I could do anything.

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AARP's The Girlfriend

How I Got Married For The First Time After 50


By realizing my family's history was thwarting me.

The Los Angeles Times
 How I got to ‘Om’ and a calmer mind.

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I’ve spent enough time chasing peace to know a good percentage of us meditator types are habitually frazzled. 

The Boston Globe Magazine
On Our Wedding Day, My Watch Stood Still

Laura Sturza & Tom Drischler.jpg

My husband and I married when I was 53 and he was 61. We knew we wouldn’t get to have and to hold one another for the same “forever” my sister and brother-in-law had already enjoyed for 39 years of marriage.

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AARP's The Ethel
How to Reclaim the Art of Handwritten Cards

My parents modeled the pleasures of exchanging heartfelt letters, so perhaps I was destined to stash away many of the beautiful cards I've saved since childhood.

Screen Shot 2024-07-18 at 12.58_edited.j

In this essay, I entertain the idea that the business of caring too much is merely clickbait I haven’t been able to resist. I wonder what would happen if I swapped in my over-developed fretting skills.


Why I Searched for Love in Thrift Store Aisles.

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One of my chief selling points was the quirky persona I developed, enhanced by the one-off outfits scored on buying sprees. 

AARP's The Ethel

What My Older Cats Taught Me About Love

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 1.11.01 PM.png

When my husband and I married he agreed to a package deal. I came with two middle-aged cats I had adopted long before our wedding. 

Gathering: A Women Who Submit Anthology
My story, A Nun and a Pop Star, is included in this collection of essays, fiction, poems, and plays.


In these uncertain days of the pandemic, I have found an unlikely pair of spiritual guides to help me through it: American Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön and Madonna.

Lunch Ticket
As I unpacked boxes of my father's artifacts during a pandemic housekeeping project, it prompted me to hold him accountable for his transgressions, and consider forgiveness.

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Hi Dad,
When you died, I figured there wasn’t any point in writing to you. But since the world broke down last year, everything has shifted, including how I want to communicate with you.

How Writing in Community Rocked My Writing


Orange Coast Magazine
Why Turning 60 During the Pandemic Was No Biggie


LA Weekly

Robert Johnson: Lawman of the Cloth

robert johnson.png

Not many people get credit for both busting cabbies and saving souls. Robert Johnson does.

Huffington Post

Showing Some Love for Local Government


Op-ed celebrating the bureaucratic heroes of local government.

North Hollywood Patch
Yoga Studio Reinvigorates Former Dutton's Books Building


Who says the fried chicken and fitness crowds can't happily coexist? Certainly not the people at InYoga Center in Valley Village.

USC News

USC pharmacy program targets drug development


If you’ve ever had sticker shock at the pharmacy, you may have wondered why the price was higher than a pair of tickets to a Trojan football game.

The Burbank Leader - 

LA Times Community News

High-risk family

Scott roby.jpg

Someone overhearing stuntwoman Julie Michaels’ morning send-off of
her husband, stuntman Peewee Piemonte, might be thrown for a loop --
or a triple flip in a speeding car.

The Burbank Leader - 
LA Times Community News
Keeping Things Warm

jay holben.jpg

The warm-up comedian for the TV show Frasier deftly navigates comedy, even soon after 9/11.

The Burbank Leader - 

LA Times Community News

Ovrom in Review


The City Manager leaves his post after 17 years. Colleagues and constituents weigh in on his tenure.

The Burbank Leader - 

LA Times Community News

Studios Fly High in Burbank

jill karnicki.jpg

History/Business News. 
Born in Burbank only few years apart, the studios and the airport have grown up together in a city that benefits from both

The Burbank Leader - 
LA Times Community News
Flipping Her Wig

20201213_144459 (1).jpg

Candy Conery is a woman who has run her hands through Elvis’ hair. And John Wayne’s.

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