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Teaching - I Lead Writing Workshops for People of All Ages and Experience Levels

Tell Us Your Story is an interactive class that lets students discover their voices as writers and read-aloud storytellers. Programs are tailored to the group—from a single class to a series of six to eight sessions. It is designed as a Zoom program and is also available for in-person programs in parts of Maryland and DC.

Participants are guided to write and tell significant life stories through prompts including listening to music, improv theater, show and tell games to share meaningful objects/photos, and gentle yoga. A safe, welcoming environment is established that helps build community. Students learn to offer thoughtful, constructive, and kind feedback to one another. Final events can include a published book of essays and/or a public reading.

Tell Us Your Story springs from my passion for sharing what I've learned as a professional writer and from my experience as a public speaking professor, a student advisor, and as the facilitator of two writing groups. The program was developed through my studies including an MA in Writing/Theater, yoga teacher training, Maryland State Arts Council Micro-credentials in Creative Classrooms and Teaching Older Adults, and the Theatre Lab School's Life Stories Institute.

Teaching: Welcome
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